My Philips projector lamp has been very faithful throughout many years. I run a small candy shop, and I have owned my candy shop for the last 35 years. Before I own ed my shop my father owned it, and it has been a family business for over 60 years. It has really grown a lot, and now we have over 15 employees. At the beginning of every month we all get together and have a staff meeting.

I always make sure that I have everything organized and completely printed off so that I can use the projector to show the figure’s so that we can see in what ways we have gotten better and in what things we need to improve in. I always use my projector during those meetings, and it has never failed. My father bought the projector over 20 years ago, and I have only had to replace the projector lamp one time.

I can imagine that the majority of my employees do not like having to have a staff meeting once a month, but my father was a very organized man, and he always held the staff meetings once a month and in his honor I try to do the same thing. It can be difficult at times to have to be in charge of so many people, especially when not all of them want to listen to you because they are your family. In spite of all the difficulties that we have had over the years with our business, we are very organized, and I truly believe that that is the main reason that our business has done well over so many years.

Our monthly staff meetings are something that we have been doing over the last 30 years, and our trusty projector is always there to help me and all of the other presenters to have all of the needed projections and information that we need to hold a organized monthly staff meeting.

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